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September Shrink Wrap News – from the Industry Leader, Dr. Shrink, Inc.

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• Dr. Notes – News from Mike

“It’s hard to believe September is already here. This will be a busy month of traveling and trade shows for our sales team– if you are in the area of one of our shows, stop by and see us. You can check out where we’ll be in the trade show section below. Please don’t forget to take advantage of our 10% early buy discount on our premium shrink wrap. This offer is good until September 15th by using online promo code: FALL17 or by mentioning the fall discount over the phone. There is always interest and questions regarding shrink wrapping a pontoon boat for winter storage.
I’m pleased to announce we have a brand new How-To Training Video on the simple steps for installing a shrink wrap cover on a pontoon boat.  The video is featured below or you can also view it by clicking here. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend! We’ll be using our new outdoor patio area today to have a pre-Labor Day BBQ for the team– grilling some hot-dogs and making fried green tomatoes picked from our very own Dr. Shrink garden. Hope you all enjoy the weekend with family and friends.”

• Marine & Recreation Industry

This month the Dr. is highlighting products and services as it relates to the Marine & Recreation Industry. Despite only 3 primary peak months, the Marine and Recreation Industry is one of the most recognized and well-known in the shrink wrap industry. With recognition comes saturation, and this is the most competitive industry in shrink wrap. It is essential to provide quality products and service to your customers– rest assured when you use Dr. Shrink products, you are using the highest quality products on the market.
Typically for Marine and Recreation applications you’re going to use a 6 or 7-mil material. The 6-mil is our thinnest shrink wrap and is used on smaller items such as boats, shed frames, pallets and machinery that will be stored rather than transported. Our 7-mil is the standard thickness for shrink wrapping boat in snow load areas, for light construction jobs and for medium sized machinery that will be transported. Questions on what size wrap to use, what color, or what mil thickness is right for you? Visit our designated website page here or call us at 800-968-5147.

• Save Labor this Labor Day!

All of Dr. Shrink’s products are made with you, the user, in mind to make your lives easier and your shrink wrap jobs hassle-free. We will explain how working with Dr. Shrink’s products will help to eliminate hassles and hurdles before, during, and after the shrink wrapping process.
1) Our shrink wrap knives are made with a safe-hooded blade so you won’t scratch your boat or cut yourself during the shrink wrapping process.
2) Dr. Shrink’s shrink wrap is 100% virgin resin material and will NOT biodegrade in a landfill, so it is very important that it is recycled. We offer our REBAG® Program throughout the Continental US that allows you to recycle your shrink wrap scraps and entire covers. Please don’t throw it in a dumpster!
3) Our Zipper Access Doors are taped on the finished cover of your object and allow you access into it without compromising the durability of the cover.
4) Our Shrinkfast® Extensions are available in 2′, 4′, or 6′ lengths. They help you get all those hard-to-reach surfaces and allow you to be safe without having to be unbalanced on a tall ladder.
5) Dr. Shrink’s Film Racks and Carts are a great way to keep yourself organized and to keep your shrink wrap off the ground. Shrink wrap produces static and it will easily collect dirt and debris if it’s left on the ground. These small pieces of dirt and debris can cause holes in your covers. Our Film Racks easily hold our shrink wrap rolls and keep them off the ground.
If you have any questions on the above products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800.968.5147 or email us.

• Dr. on the Map – September Travel

– September 12th-15th: Husum WindEnergy – Husum, Germany (Mike)
– September 18th-22nd: IBEX – Tampa, FL (Ryan, Ben, Mike & Kyle)
– September 23rd-25th: US Distributors – Portland, OR (Ben)
– September 25th-27th: Pack Expo – Las Vegas, NV (Mike)
– September 25th-26th: Donovan Marine – Nashville, TN (Bart)
– September 26th-27th: Northern Wholesale – Red Wing, MN (Kyle)

• Training & Tips

Shrink wrapping your pontoon boat just got easier with our new How-To Video. Click here to see how to shrink wrap a pontoon boat for the upcoming storage season.

• Dog of the Month – Loki Stenberg
• September Steals & Deals