All How-To Videos

Installation Accessory Overview and Informational Videos

Dr. Shrink’s How-To and Training videos provide an inside look at the art of shrink wrap. With detailed explanations of each process and specific project needs you can enjoy learning the best possible practices for shrink wrapping specific objects including power boats, sailboats, machinery, patio furniture, pontoon boats, and more with the leading experts on shrink wrap processes and best practices.

Boat & Marine Specific Shrink Wrapping Videos

Dr. Shrink has developed shrink wrap and accessories to make marine shrink wrapping a feasible business and personal project. Dr. Shrink’s marine-specific instructional shrink wrap videos provide instructions based on years of experience while an expert shrink wrap technician executes the processes explained to demonstrate the entirety of your marine specific project from start to finish.

Do-it-Yourself, RVs, and Patio Furniture Shrink Wrap Videos

DIY project videos for shrink wrapping items such a patio furniture, and also shrink wrapping campers and RVs.

Shrink Wrap Videos on Industrial Equipment and Machinery

Videos on how to fully encapsulate items for industrial applications including trailer and machinery.

Tips, Tricks, and Accessory Videos

Make sure you’re covered when you get Dr. Shrink’s hyper-advanced accessories and add-ons into your mitts. These items are NOT to be played with. 

Heat Tools & Troubleshooting Videos

Heat tools are powerful tools. In shrink wrapping, the heat created by these tools is enough to create a small, directed wormhole that can easily ensure the destruction of the flimsiest of covers.

Shrink Wrap Recycling Videos

Disposing of shrink wrap is a crucial part of the shrink wrapping process. When you’re done with your shrink wrap, what do you do? You put it in a bag and send it to our approved disposal team!

ShrinkWrap U Testimonial Videos

Dr. Shrink, Inc. is home to Shrink Wrap U, a one-day training session designed to give you all the information you need to shrink wrap anything. Not only will you gain valuable hands-on training, but also tools for marketing your business in various industries.