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October Shrink Wrap News – from the Industry Leader, Dr. Shrink, Inc.

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*October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – all PINK shrink wrap ordered, Dr. Shrink will donate $10 towards Breast Cancer Research*

• Dr. Notes – News from Mike

“September was a busy month of travel for our sales staff. I’m currently in Istanbul, Turkey for the Istanbul Boat Show. Technology is a wonderful thing and it is nice to remain connected to my staff and customers at all times, no matter where I am in the world. In today’s world, online ordering has quickly become one of the best and most efficient ways to order nearly any product. Shrink wrap is certainly no exception.  Here at Dr. Shrink, we strive to make ordering as simple and convenient as possible. We work continuously to provide options that best suit your personal and business needs. For product at your fingertips, simply visit our website at Our online shopping experience is as easy as adding your items into your shopping cart, then heading over to our checkout page where you’ll find a variety of shipping options available including both small package and LTL freight. Whether you need an expedited delivery, or are just looking for the most economical option, we’ve got you covered! Are you a wholesale customer? Great! We have a special login area in our ‘Wholesale Products’ tab just for you! Not yet a wholesale customer, but desire to be? Simply fill out our Wholesale Price Request Form to get signed up. Looking for product literature/recommendations? Check out our New Electronic Catalog.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Dr. Shrink wants to help in the cancer research effort. For the entire month of October, we will donate $10.00 per roll of pink shrink wrap that is purchased.  Please see the section below for more details– the more PINK you buy, the more Dr. Shrink donates!
Thank you for working with us. It’s been a great season hearing from many of our marine customers as things get wrapped up for the winter!”

• Marine Industry

This month the Dr. is highlighting products and services as it relates to the Marine & Recreation Industry. No matter the size and depth of the waters our boats traverse, they are our vessels to adventure and enjoyment. They are also a large investment with critical dependence on maintenance and care. Shrink wrap is a tremendous asset for ship yard or marina owners in increasing profitability. There is a great profit margin for shrink wrapping boats and the profit grows the larger the boat gets. If you are currently a boat/ship yard or marina owner that offers winterization services, by adding shrink wrapping as a service, boat owners will get a complete winterization package from your company when they pull their boats out of the water. If refinishing or remodeling a yacht, shrink wrap assists the process by acting as an enclosure. Additionally, shrink wrapped boats can be worked on year round– and you’ll have no worries about chafing, abrasion, scratching, and other concerns.
At. Dr. Shrink, we stock a complete line of American-made shrink wrap products capable of wrapping any size or type of boat. With premium shrink wrap available up to 60 feet wide, even the largest of boats can be protected from shipping or storage damage. Dr. Shrink only supplies premium 100% virgin resin shrink wrap featuring maximum UV inhibitors. This high quality material ensures long-term usage and maximum protection. Unlike tarps, the shrink wrap will protect from most weather damage, is waterproof, and offers one-piece coverage. Are you more of a “written instructions” type of learner, rather than watching videos? Click on the image above to read through step-by-step instructions on How-To Shrink Wrap a Boat.

• Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Dr. Shrink wants to help. For every roll of PINK shrink wrap purchased during October, we will donate $10.00 per roll towards the cause. There’s no better way to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness than by showing/wearing/promoting the color pink. Promote awareness by adding pink to your wardrobe, wallet/purse, and of course your shrink wrap jobs during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.
Take a look at our video of shrink wrapping a brand new car at the local Ford Dealership for their annual “Pink Out” car show. See our recent blog for other applications that were wrapped in our pink material.

• Dr. on the Map – October Travel

– October 2nd-6th: Istanbul Boat Show – Istanbul, Turkey (Mike)
– October 12th-13th: Stright MacKay – Nova Scotia, Canada (Mike)
– October 17th-19th: Breakbulk US – Houston, TX (Kyle)
– October 22nd-23rd: CC Marine – Ontario, Canada (Bart)

• Training & Tips

Learn how to Shrink Wrap from the BEST! We have Hot-To Training Videos for many applications. Don’t be intimidated by any of your marine shrink wrapping jobs — we’ve got you covered.
How-To Shrink Wrap a Recreational Boat
How-To Shrink Wrap a Sailboat Mast-Up
How-To Shrink Wrap a Pontoon Boat

• Dog of the Month – Pumpkin Stenberg
• October Steals & Deals