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August Shrink Wrap News – from the Industry Leader, Dr. Shrink, Inc.

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• Dr. Notes – News from Mike

“We’re getting ready for the busy fall/winter layup season heading our way. The Dr. Shrink, Inc. mailers have been sent out and we hope you like the new design, and the excellent new products we have developed. Please take advantage of the special fall discount through September 15, 2017. Along with having the best shrink wrapping product line in the world, I’d like to remind you of the additional benefits of dealing with Dr. Shrink, Inc.  We are truly “one stop shopping” for any and all shrink wrap and installation accessories.  All products are in stock for immediate shipment, we have knowledgeable people on the phones to help you order the exact products you need, and we can tell you how to install all of our products on almost any project. We are competitively priced and the quality of our materials speaks about our commitment to shrink wrap produced in the United States. Dr. Shrink cannot be matched by any other company in the world, and it would be our pleasure being your shrink wrap supplier again this year. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. I enjoy hearing from our customers- email me at

• Marine Industry & DIY

This month the Dr. is highlighting products and services as it relates to the Marine and DIY Industry. With the fall season approaching, we’re here to supply you with the items you need to protect your seasonal furniture, boats, campers/RVs, and other outdoor items and recreational toys from the harsh elements. We can provide you with an efficient and easy way to store them in the off-season, just ask! Dr. Shrink has the knowledge and expertise to make your DIY shrink wrap project a simple and easy process that you can do every year.

• 2017/2018 Fall Mailers!

All fall mailers have been sent out! This year’s mailer includes a special giveaway from Mike Stenberg in addition to this year’s fall special pricing. If you don’t receive your mailer within the next week and would like one, please contact us at 800-968-5147 or email us.

• Dr. on the Map – August Travel

August 8th – 10th: West Marine – Sunnyvale, CA (Mike, Bart & Ryan)

• Training & Tips

Shrink wrapping your patio furniture is a great way to protect it during the off-season. Click here for a step-by-step video process of how to wrap it.

• Employee of the Month – Brooke
• Dog of the Month – Zoe Polcyn
• August Steals & Deals