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You do not become the global leader in shrink wrap without having inventory ready to ship when you need it most. Dr. Shrink’s 78,000+ square foot warehouse contains one of the most comprehensive inventories of shrink wrap supplies on the planet.

Corporate HeadquartersUnited StatesDr. Shrink, Inc.315 Washington StreetManistee, Michigan 49660P) 800-968-5147P) 1-231-723-2685F) 231-723-9586email: Dr. Shrink

Corporate Contacts

Angela – Marketing, Website
email: Angela

Bart – Purchasing, Accounting
email: Bart

Ben – Sales, Technical Advice/Training
email: Ben

Brooke – Office Manager, Human Resources
email: Brooke

Ryan – Sales, Marketing
email: Ryan

Customer Service and Accounts

Alex – Customer Service
email: Alex

Ashley – Customer Service
email: Ashley

Courtney – Marketing, Customer Service
email: Courtney

Kelly – Accounts Payable, Customer Service, Returns
email: Kelly

Madelynn – Customer Service

email: Madelynn

Pam – Accounts Receivable
email: Pam

Tony – Customer Service
email: Tony

Distribution and Warehouse Specialists

Adam – Shipping & Receiving
email: Adam

Bob – Shipping & Receiving
email: Bob

Brad – Shipping & Receiving
email: Brad

Josh – Shipping & Receiving
email: Josh

Matt – Heat Tool Repair, Shipping & Receiving
email: Matt

Throughout the years, Dr. Shrink has proven to follow the cutting edge of shrink wrap development and distribution. Learn more about how Dr. Shrink got started.