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ShrinkWrap U Goes International

ShrinkWrap U is teaching people how to shrink wrap around the globe!  Earlier this month the first ever international ShrinkWrap U was held in Romania by Mihai Tanase at Nautic Experts SRL.  Dr. Shrink is extremely proud of Nautic Experts SRL for the great accomplishment they have achieved by hosting their first SWU!
The class was set up a little differently from the format that is used at the Dr. Shrink warehouse.  The Romanian ShrinkWrap U training was held in Ploiesti (Prahova county, near Bucharest). The class was scheduled for two days (instead of just one full day as it is done in Manistee) on 11-12th of October.  The class took place at the headquarters of Modpack Company who is a new dealer for Dr. Shrink products.  There were four total participants, all of who work for Modpack.
The first day of the training was divided in two parts. Theoretical presentation of all Dr. Shrink’s products, safety procedures and business startup tips were in the first part of the day.  The second half of the day was full of live demonstrations of shrink wrapping different pieces of equipment.
The second day was examination day.  The students were asked to prepare and shrink wrap a piece of equipment for shipping, while explaining each step of procedure they made.  All shrink wrapping had to be done within an hour and a half time frame.  This is an extremely useful way of showing what you learned by not only performing it, but being able to explain how and why it was done as well.  At the end of the session all four participants received diplomas attesting they successfully graduated the training.
Take a look at a couple pictures taken from the class when the students were receiving their ShrinkWrap U diplomas and getting recognition from Mihai.  If you have any questions about ShrinkWrap U, please contact Dr. Shrink at 800-968-5147 or