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Dr. Shrink Joins the MIAF

Florida, known as the Sunshine State, could be re-dubbed as the Boating State.  It is full of marinas, yacht dealerships, yacht clubs, and of course boats – a lot of boats.  It comes as no surprise Dr. Shrink strives to work with the marine oriented businesses of Florida and be their premium shrink wrap and accessories supplier.  While we currently work closely with a number of marinas, dealers, and installers in the Sunshine State, there is always room for fresh ideas and resources.  In an effort to support our existing customers and seek out new opportunities; we are proud to announce our membership into the Marine Industries Association of Florida (MIAF)!
The Marine Industries Association of Florida’s purpose is to:

  • Promote social activities and education between its members
  • To exchange ideas on promotion and sales of their products and services
  • To foster and promote boating in Florida
  • To aid and assist in the proposal and adoption of suitable laws and regulations relating to boats and boating
  • To aid, assist or conduct displays of boats, equipment and allied products and services

Dr. Shrink’s goal is to exhibit the advantages of shrink wrap in front of the whole marine community and open up new application avenues.   Our involvement with the MIAF will help achieve this goal.  Using the MIAF as a resource, Dr. Shrink will continue to reach out to new and existing businesses with premium products and excellent service, and bring new shrink wrapping ideas and opportunity to the table.
For more information about the Marine Industries Association of Florida, you can visit their website at
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