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The Dr. Shrink Strapping Advantage

The Dr. Shrink Strapping Advantage
When preparing to shrink wrap do not underestimate the importance of your installation accessories.  Dr. Shrink’s Woven Cord Strapping is an irreplaceable component to a shrink wrap system.  It is not only responsible for maintaining the tension of your perimeter band but it is also the backbone of your weight bearing support structure as pictured above.
Using a strapping system to create a support structure is
a crucial part of the
shrink wrap process when storing boats outside for long term storage.  A support structure gives the shrink wrap cover enough slope so rain, snow, ice, etc. will run off and not pile up.  It is particularly important to have the support structure extremely tight and secure so you will avoid chafing and abrasion against the object.
Dr. Shrink’s Woven Cord Strapping is the best choice for creating a durable support structure.  Our strapping comes in both ½ and ¾ inch widths and depending on the width has between a 750-1,000 lb break strength.  Our Strapping Dispenser fits all sizes of strapping that we carry. The strapping used in conjunction with our End and Bottom Caps and buckles (along with a couple 2×4 support boards) will give you a tight, secure, weight bearing support structure. Check out our Super Cap designed for heavy snow load. For more instruction on how to create a support structure please visit the training section of our website.
If you are wrapping an object that has no need for a support structure, strapping is still used as a perimeter band.  A perimeter band is essential for objects you shrink wrap because it holds the cover from rising
upward when being shrunk.  About six inches of excess shrink wrap is pulled up and over the perimeter band and the two shrink wrap pieces are then heat welded together.  The tighter the perimeter band is, the less the cover will move, so it is very important to use our Strap Tension Tool, buckles, and woven cord strapping in conjunction with one another as a complete “strapping system.”


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