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Shrink Wrap for Ice Rinks / Local Installation

Shrink Wrap for Ice Rinks
Dr. Shrink helped in giving the city of Manistee a wonderfully “wrapped” Christmas present for all to enjoy this year!  Mike Stenberg, President of Dr. Shrink, Inc. helped the City of Manistee in building an ice rink out of shrink wrap last week. The Manistee Recreation Association approved the ice rink and Dr. Shrink President, Mike Stenberg took it upon himself to do all the installation for the new ice rink, as he has fond childhood memories of skating on an ice rink (Pentwater Lake) with neighbors and friends in his hometown of Pentwater, Michigan.  Mike thought it would be nice for the kids in Manistee to be able to have the same fun memories in the long winter months. The frame of the rink was put in place, 60′ x 150′ shrink wrap was then put down, foam cylinders were sliced open and applied on top of the frame to hold the plastic in place, and then the seams were heat welded together using a Shrinkfast 998 Propane Fired Heat Tool. The seams were then immediately taped with our new Permanent Shrink Wrap Tape which was perfect for this application. The rest of the plastic was then shrunk and water was added.
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Dr. Shrink’s New Permanent Shrink Wrap Tape
While shrink wrap is highly adaptable in conforming to the oddest of shapes, at times an installer needs to permanently fuse together two or more sections of material. Dr. Shrink’s Permanent Shrink Wrap Tape powerfully secures multiple shrink-wrapped pieces to adapt to a unique application, reinforce a seam or even patch a hole. It excels at bonding pleats and folds to avoid wind damage during long-term storage or transport.
With 2 mils of powerful, proprietary acrylic adhesive, Permanent Shrink Wrap Tape offers extraordinarily high adhesion power. The bond is so strong, in fact, that Dr. Shrink warns users to avoid contact with anything other than shrink wrap. It’s applied after the shrink wrap has been heated and shrunk, and is easily cut using Dr. Shrink’s Wrap n’ Strap Knife. The white tape is available in 4″ x 180′ rolls and retails for $36.90.
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