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From Russia With Love

Today Dr. Shrink was the host to Roman and Alexey from FastPack Russia. Roman and Alexey traveled from Saint Petersburg, Russia to New York City. They then drove 14 hours from New York to come visit the Dr. Shrink staff and tour our office and warehouse here in Manistee, MI. Above is a picture of Mike with Alexey (Left) and Roman (Right), while they were taking the tour of our facility.
FastPack has been working with Dr. Shrink since late 2010 and have grown significantly over the last 2 years. They have been very proactive with their sales approach by hosting shrink wrapping demonstrations and making trips out to visit 3 or 4 factories a week all over Russia. We are very happy to be working with Roman and Alexey, and are looking forward to helping them continue to grow even more as the years go on!