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New Dr. Shrink Disaster Shelters Donated to Japan

Feelings of compassion and sympathy are expressed by people all over the globe when they hear of natural disasters causing devastation and destruction in people’s lives.  After a natural disaster strikes, people and families who are affected are left in great need of essentials in order to survive.  Whether it be a fire, earthquake, flood, tsunami, tornado, or hurricane; shelter is always a number one priority once the disaster has struck.  It is understood that in the midst of a disaster the need for a quick, reliable, and durable shelter is a necessity.  Dr. Shrink President Mike Stenberg was one of the many people who felt there had to be something he or his company could do whenever a natural disaster struck.  The idea to create a disaster shelter out of shrink wrap was born.   Dr. Shrink (in collaboration with Camcar Plastics and Transhield) is proud to now introduce our new, ready-to-assemble Disaster Shelter.
Our Disaster Shelters are designed to be lightweight and easy to assemble in order to offer the fastest and most efficient form of shelter and protection from the harsh elements of a passing storm/disaster.  The skeleton of the shelter is constructed of PVC piping which creates the frame.  The structure is lightweight yet durable enough to withstand wind gusts.  The cover is made from our premium 10-mil shrink wrap material with an attachable cloth-lined, waterproof floor.  Sewn-in zipper screen windows and pre-installed vents keep fresh air circulating and the shelter ventilated.
Finalizations for the Disaster Shelters came just in time in order to help accommodate the growing need for emergency relief shelters in Japan.  Mike was extremely glad to know there was something Dr. Shrink could offer to the relief effort of this disaster.  Dr. Shrink has extended a hand to the people of Japan by donating 50 of our Disaster Shelters to the small village of Rikuzen Tekada, the most impacted zone of the 2011 tsunami and earthquake.  (Click here for recent articles published on our donation:,, & ).  The tents should supply the only known standing shelters to the region at this time.
If you have any questions about Dr. Shrink’s new Disaster Shelters, please contact us at 231-723-2685 or by email at