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January Newsletter 2017 // Dr. Shrink, Inc.

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Road Trippin’ for the Rescues!

Happy New Year! It’s been another great year and were happy to help out our car furry friends from our local animal shelter here in Manistee again. With all of your help, we were able to raise $500 to make sure the animals at our shelter had a Merry Christmas!


“Happy New Year from all of us at Dr. Shrink, Inc.! The preparation, organization and planning has begun, and we’re excited to get the ball rolling on what’s destined to be our best year yet servicing your shrink wrapping needs!  I want to take a moment to thank each of you for your continued patronage and loyalty to Dr. Shrink, Inc.. It’s truly a pleasure to deal with such wonderful customers! We are grateful and humbled to know that you have made Dr. Shrink, Inc. what it is today. Thank you! Don’t forget that we have a wide variety of step-by-step training tools that can be found in the  How-To/Training section of our website. Please also see our Wrap-it-Now Quick Videos for a short, sweet, to-the-point training guide.
A lot has happened over the past year and the icing on the cake was certainly being named ‘2016 Business of the Year’ in Manistee County!  The award celebration was held in our home town and we couldn’t be more proud!  We’re determined to make 2017 even better; here’s to a wonderful 25th year!”
– Mike Stenberg
President & CEO, Dr. Shrink, Inc.


A construction site can be a vulnerable place. Whether it’s the construction of a new building, or renovation/addition of an existing one, there’s always risk of weather damaging or destroying your hard work and potentially interfering with job progress for lengthened periods of time. For example: Water damage, whether it’s rain entering the structure, melting snow, or leaks, is one of the leading causes of damage/loss during building projects.
Dr. Shrink’s American-Made shrink wrap products are far more effective than traditional tarps and sheeting. Our durable, weatherproof covering creates a proper enclosure that offers maximum protection from numerous causes of potential damage. Additionally, our shrink wrap creates an improved work environment. White shrink wrap in particular allows natural, shadow-free, lighting while blocking harmful UV rays. Worker downtime is reduced, and the enclosure can be heated and cooled for the perfect working climate!
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Mike, Bart and Kyle recently made another trip across the country from California to Michigan in Mike’s new (to him) 1999 BMW 750 II. Sound familiar? That’s because this is our second time ‘road tripping for a cause’!  Through a few social media posts documenting the trip, and plenty of your ‘likes’, comments and shares, we were able to raise an impressive $500 for our local animal shelter, Homeward Bound of Manistee.
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The Marine/Recreation Industry is a very recognized industry, but it is also generally one of the most seasonal. The Agricultural industry is also seasonal, leaving you a lot of time throughout the year to expand your shrink wrap business into the other industries. There are several other opportunities to make your seasonal shrink wrap business into a year round business.
The use of shrink wrap in Material Handling is becoming increasingly popular. It is more durable than stretch wrap, and when used for full encapsulation it can be made completely weatherproof and tamper resistant. This is an ideal business to add to your existing Marine/Recreation market when looking to expand your business rapidly.
The fastest growing year-round shrink wrap market is Industrial wrapping. It can yield great business as customers demand packaging solutions along with corrosion inhibiting protection. Dr. Shrink, Inc. has ‘Extreme’ 12-mil products on hand for a multitude of applications!
The Construction industry is another great option that can yield very high profit margins and is a ‘year-round’ shrink wrapping business. Many government and large building contracts require scaffolding wrap, and exterior containment. Shrink wrap is not only the best option, but is the most cost effective and durable material to be used. Available in our ‘Extreme’ 12-mil thickness and up to 60′ in width (with some flame retardant sizes available), the Dr. provides the best selection of film on the market today!
The Auto Salvage industry offers year round opportunities as well. Our premium shrink wrap and vehicle wrap work great for preserving damaged vehicles. Whatever the need, Dr. Shrink, Inc. supplies a complete line of vehicle wrap for almost any circumstance and purpose.