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Happy Halloween from Dr. Shrink! Trick & Treat Promotion Day 3

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From all of us at Dr. Shrink, we wish you a safe and Happy Halloween!
Trick & Treat Promotion – Day 3

How to Properly Repair Holes in Your Shrink Wrap Cover

TRICK – Repairing holes in your shrink wrap cover is very easy, whether big or small.
– If it’s a small hole, (4″ in diameter or less), follow these easy steps for repair:
1.) Using one of our premium tapes, completely cover the hole. Make sure the tape completely adheres to the shrink wrap cover on all sides, being sure there are no air bubbles. Dr. Shrink stocks tape up to 6″ wide.
2.) Lightly warm the tape with your heat tool to activate the adhesives. Again, making sure to smooth out any air bubbles.
– If t’s a large hole:
1.) Obtain a piece of shrink wrap that will completely cover the hole.
2.) Trim the edges square so that the patch is at least 2″ larges than the hole.
3.) Tape around the complete perimeter of the patch. 3″ or 4″ wide tape is recommended.
4.) Quickly run your heat tool over the patch, being careful to shrink the material without burning the tape.
5.) Once the material cools, the patch house be wrinkle free and as durable as the remainder of the cover.
*Tape should be cut with one of Dr. Shrink’s Film Knives to ensure smooth, non jagged edges.
Click here for a link to a video with step-by-step instructions as well.
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