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December 2018 Shrink Wrap News – from the Industry Leader, Dr. Shrink, Inc.

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Dr. Notes – News from Mike

“It’s hard to believe that we’re “wrapping” up another year here at Dr. Shrink. I want to thank everyone who took the time out of their day to fill out our Customer Survey for this year. I’ve read a lot of comments, suggestions and ideas and we hope to better your customer experience the best that we can.
I’m looking forward to getting in the holiday spirit with our staff at the Dr. Shrink Christmas party next Friday. It is always a nice evening to relax and enjoy the end of another great year. Also, Santa will once again be visiting Manistee to see all the kids, grand-kids, nieces and nephews of our team here at Dr. Shrink. It’s always a special time of year.
As always, we still have some holiday specials and promotions coming up through the month, so keep an eye out. Wishing you all the best this holiday season. We wouldn’t be here without your support.”
-Mike Stenberg
President & CEO, Dr. Shrink, Inc.

Put Your Heat Tool to Work 365 Days a Year

Shrink wrap is becoming the face of protection in many different industries – from construction and scaffolding to industrial and agricultural. It can be used to so many ways, don’t hold yourself to just one industry. The scaffolding and containment industry has been on the rise in the list of industries that are reaping the benefits of shrink wrap protection. Dr. Shrink offers 5 different sizes of Flame Retardant shrink wrap in 7, 9, or 12-mil thicknesses. All of our Flame Retardant film meets or exceeds all NFPA 701 specifications. Scaffolding is easy to wrap with these easy tips. With minimal accessories needed, these techniques will ensure you have a sturdy structure that can withstand the elements.
How to install shrink wrap over scaffolding:
1. Make sure your scaffolding has top and bottom horizontal anchor points. If no poles are available, we recommend attaching steel cable. Tighten securely between each of the uprights the length of your desired shrink wrapping length. We recommend using our 12-mil white shrink wrap for all scaffolding projects. Flame retardant is also available.
2. Begin unfolding the shrink wrap and lapping it over the top support cable. Heat weld the shrink wrap around the cable every 5-6 feet as it is being unfolded to temporarily hold it in place. Note: during the heat weld process, you are bringing the shrink wrap around the cable or scaffold pole and welding the material back to itself. A minimum heat weld of 12 inches is recommended. 
3. Once the material is unfolded and spot welded around the top, finish the top heat weld and perform the same operation on the bottom and sides.
4. When all four sides are secured, you are ready to start the shrinking process. Start at the bottom and work up using one continuous motion. After shrinking the entire cover, perform a visual inspection. Seal all holes, tears, and heat welds with our 4″ Heat Shrink Tape.
5. Install our 3/4″ woven cord strapping over the exterior of the shrink wrap in an “X” fashion by tying around the scaffold poles and using our buckle and tension tool system to ensure the banding is extremely tight. The goal here is to prevent the wind from blowing the shrink wrap out away from the scaffolding. Note: for jobs requiring more than one sheet of material, our shrink wrap is easily joined together by overlapping the sheets and heat welding them using one of our premium heat tools.

Use Your Customer Loyalty Rewards Points!

Just a friendly reminder to everyone who is a part of our Customer Loyalty Rewards Program – your points will expire at the end of the year (December 31st, 2018). Make sure you redeem your points on any order before this date; they will not rollover into 2019! If you are not currently a member of our Customer Loyalty Rewards Program, please take a look at how the program works and order/activate your Member Card today! Our way of saying thank you for working with us.

Winner of our Customer Survey!

We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who took the time out of their days to fill out our customer survey. All the feedback is greatly appreciated and its helps us improve so that your customer experience is nothing but the best. The winner of the $50 Amazon Gift Card is Craig S. from Colorado!

Dr. Rink – Shrink Wrap Ice Rink Liners

Dr. Shrink’s premium shrink wrap is ideal for creating durable and long lasting ice rink liners of any size. Bring fun to your neighborhood with your own ice skating rink in your backyard! We have sizes from as big as 60′ wide down to 24′ wide. Click here for some common sizes that we recommend. Don’t forget your tape – our 4″ Heat Shrink Tape and 4″ Permanent Shrink Wrap Tape work great for this application. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800.968.5147 or email us.

Feature Video – Strap Tension Tool

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December Steals, Deals and Discounts
Quote of the Month

“You are excelling in customer service, from order to pickup and oh, forgot to mention you have first class products and supplies.” – Dennis Z. Stevensville, MI Customer