20′ X 100′ 10MIL Reinforced (DS-2010100-REINF) White Shrink Wrap


Dr. Shrink’s new Reinforced Shrink Wrap is designed for shrink wrap applications requiring higher durability and protection over the use of non-reinforced standard shrink wrap.

**Dr. Shrink’s SuperGrip Tape is the ONLY tape that will stick to our Reinforced Shrink Wrap**

Technical Info:
This shrink wrap is reinforced with a minimum 1000 denier scrim laid in a diagonal pattern spaced 3/8” apart for added strength and stability. The individual plies are laminated together with molten polyethylene for pin-hole free durability. The diamond reinforcement pattern provides uniform tear resistance in all directions through superior tensile and puncture properties to resist and stop tear propagation.


*These are bagged, not boxed.*

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Product Description

• Four-layer reinforced shrink wrap that combines the strength of scrim-reinforcement with the heat shrink properties of conventional shrink wrap.

• Engineered to be lightweight and flexible for exceptional cold-crack resistance in low temperatures.

• The outer layers consist of an opaque white high-strength polyethylene film with added U.V. and thermal stabilizers to reduce heat build-up beneath the enclosure, condensation, and to provide exposed outdoor longevity of approximately 1-year.

• Highly pliable and allows for easy heat-weld fusing during packaging to efficiently enclose large or difficult shapes and eliminate the costs of cover packing materials in shipping and storage.

• A heavy-duty scrim reinforcement is placed between the plies to maximize tear-resistance and increase service life.

Ship Weight: 90 lbs/roll

**Rolls sold individually**

Pallet Quantity: 16 rolls

Additional Information

Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 86 × 9 × 9 in


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Mil Thickness

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