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“Rip the Wrap” Video Contest

If you are a current Dr. Shrink customer, you know just how strong and durable our premium shrink wrap is with varieties coming in 6 to 12 mil thick.  Some of you may not have used or even felt our thickest 12 mil material, so in order to have a little fun showing off just how strong this material is, we are running a “Rip the Wrap” video contest!  In order to participate in this contest, you will need to videotape yourself “ripping the wrap” from start to finish (or at least trying).  Here is a complete list of all rules and requirements of the contest:

  • Call our office or email with your name and shipping address to request your 24″ x 24″ sample piece of 12 mil.
  • Your video MUST begin with stating your name and zooming in on all four sides of the sample piece in order to ensure no slits or cuts have been made.
  • Wrap must only be ripped with bare hands—use of any tools, pliers, etc. will be immediately disqualified.
  • Entire length of sample piece must be ripped.
  • Video must be saved in an AVI, WMV, QuickTime, MOV or MPEG4 format and emailed to to enter.
  • Contest runs the entire month of August– starting 8 AM EST August 1st and running to 5 PM EST August 31st (Please consider ship time of receiving the sample, videotaping, and video editing/uploading).

If you think you don’t have the technology to upload a video, think again!  Most cell phones have the capability to record video footage which can be uploaded to YouTube.  If you can’t email your video because the file size is too big, you can easily upload your video to YouTube and email us the link instead.  We want everyone to give it a shot; fancy video camera, cell phone video, anyway you can get the footage, we want to see it!
ANY participants who enter a video TRYING to “Rip the Wrap” will win a free roll of 4″ Heat Shrink Tape and anyone who can SUCCESSFULLY “Rip the Wrap” will win a $25 credit towards any Dr. Shrink product(s).  We are excited to see everyone’s efforts to RIP THE WRAP.
**By submittal of your video, you give all property rights of the video to Dr. Shrink, Inc.**