Dr. Shrink’s Customer Loyalty Rewards Card (DS-REWARD)


This is a program we have impletmented in order to show our customers just how much we appreciate your loyal business with Dr. Shrink. As a Rewards Card holder, you will earn points for every dollar that you spend on Dr. Shrink products. The points turn into credit that can be used towards any future purchases for Dr. Shrink products.

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Product Description

For every dollar spent on Dr. Shrink products, you will earn one point. Example:

– Order $1,000.00 in Dr. Shrink products and you will have earned 1,000 rewards points. *Points will round up to the nearest dollar*

– Each reward point will translate into $.01 of credit on your account.

– In turn, $1,000 of Dr. Shrink products = 1,000 Reward Points = $10.00 of credit on future purchases. *Shipping costs are NOT eligible to earn reward points*

You may choose when you wish to apply the credits earned to your future orders.? You can use your rewards points right away, or accumulate them over a couple months to go towards a big purchase.

If you’re interested, all you need to do is add this item to your online order or call our office and say you would like to join the program. You will be sent a formal letter and rewards card in the mail with a unique member number on it. Once you have received your rewards card, all you have to do is call the Dr. Shrink office to activate your card and start earning rewards. There are no hooks or hidden fees; just our way of saying thank you!

*NOTE: If you do not use the points by Dec. 31st, your points will expire. At the beginning of the next fiscal year (Jan. 1st), you will begin to earn points again and can accumulate until the end of that year.*


Additional Information

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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