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March 2018 Shrink Wrap News – from the Industry Leader, Dr. Shrink, Inc.

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Dr. Notes – News from Mike

“Spring is in the air lately in Manistee, Michigan! The snow has started to melt and the temperatures are reaching into the high 40s. I have a couple of busy upcoming months for international travel, starting in Australia, onto Shanghai, then Germany, and finally Spain. Just because I’m across the globe doesn’t mean I’m inaccessible– email me anytime.
I’d like to personally thank each and every person who submitted photos for our Shrinkfast giveaway to help with our photo collection. I was able to look through each participant’s submission photos and the quality of work was outstanding! Even though the giveaway is over, please keep the photos coming as I enjoy seeing what our customers are up to and the new and unique applications shrink wrap is used for. Feel free to email them to us any time.
The trucking and transportation industry has been fresh on my mind lately. Please be sure to read through the section below for information on this industry. Now is the time to tap into new and developing markets such as trucking and transportation– we are here to help you as you expand into more industries.
-Mike Stenberg
President & CEO, Dr. Shrink, Inc.

Shrinkfast Giveaway Winner!

We would like to congratulate Kip W. in Montana on being the winner of our Shrinkfast® Giveaway! He won a Shrinkfast® 998 Heat Tool Kit and a 4′ Extension! Thank you to everyone who participated in our photo contest and helped grow our photo library. A big thank you to Shrinkfast® for partnering with us for this promotion.

Transportation Across Countries

Pronto Clearing3This shrink wrapped catamaran boat was transported from Cape Town, South Africa to Mombasa, Kenya. It was a 5500 km (roughly 3,417 miles) road journey that took 11 days. When it arrived in Kenya, it still looked brand new! The installers used an 8 mil white wrap which is perfect because the white reflects sunlight and harmful UV rays. It’s best used for transportation covers and general outside storage. Have questions about what color would work best for your application? Click here to see the differences in the 3 main colors – blue, white and clear.
An 8 mil thickness is excellent for covering large boats, shrink wrapping large building frames, and for wrapping large equipment with sharp protrusions for transportation or storage. But if you want thicker– we have it! Click here to see what shrink wrap mil thickness is right for your job.
Pronto Clearing
Do you have a project that you’re not sure what size to use, mil thickness or color? Email us some pictures with dimensions and details – we’ll give you our professional recommendation.

Think Spring & Think Recycling!

With the first day of Spring just around the corner – on March 20th to be exact; it’s time to enjoy the warmer weather and removing those shrink wrap covers. Dr. Shrink wants to help you with recycling your shrink wrap covers; we have two different programs in place to make it an easy process for you.
We are once again partnering with Bay Area Recycling (BARC) this year for our Recycling Run Program. If you are in Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois or Ohio — our Recycling Run is available to you. The program is simple and easy:
– Buy Dr. Shrink’s EZ-Fill Bags for only $5.00 each from Dr. Shrink
– Stuff the EZ-Fill Bag with ONLY shrink wrap
– Return the Registration Form to Dr. Shrink to have your pick-up scheduled with BARC.
Our REBAG® Recycling Kit is a different recycling option that we offer.  The REBAG® Kit works across the Continental US. The kit consists of a 30″ x 50″ clear bag with cover removal directions printed on it, a closure device for the bag and a prepaid FedEx shipping label. Each REBAG® will hold the cover from a 26′ power boat or approximately 600 square feet. *Note: All strapping, buckles, vents, zipper doors, etc. must be removed prior to packing the cover in the bag.
Dr. Shrink’s premium shrink wrap is a 100% virgin resin material that is easily recycled into a variety of usable consumer products. Shrink wrap will NOT biograde in a landfill – that’s why it is extremely important to recycle. If neither of these programs work for you, we please ask that you call around to local recycling facilities in your area and see if they will accept this premium #4 LDPE plastic.

Sling-Shield from Dr. Shrink

Sling-Shield is used to protect boat lift slings and vessel hulls during launch and haul-out. It rinses off completely so as to not transfer dirt, grime, etc. from one boat to another and keeps slings clean which extends sling life. Sling-Shield is a simple, one man installation system. It is simply pulled over the sling, cut from the roll and then taped in place.
When boats with bottom paint are lifted by a boat lift, the slings tend to peel the paint from the hull – the Sling-Shield helps stop damage to the bottom paint. It’s also used as a tube to direct air into a boat during service or assembly when attached to a fan or air conditioner. It can also exhaust dust and fumes from inside holds, engine compartments and cabins during service, for personal safety during repairs and assembly. The Sling-Shield will shrink with very little heat; it can be used to protect sail boat masts during transportation and storage.
Now in 6 different widths & available in 300′ or 600′ lengths
6″ x 300′ or 600′ rolls called “Shore Power Sleeves” are great when being used to protect shore power cords, lines and hoses from damage. Keeps dock areas neat and clean during dockage.
– 8″ x 600′ roll is used during dockage to protect dock power cords from damage during tide changes and vessel movement, and to keep dock areas clear and neat. it can be used in boat manufacturing during assembly and marine service to run power cords, air lines, etc. over the side of the boat to prevent damage and marks.
– 12″ x 600′ clear roll (special order) is used as ducting and ventilation tubing.
– 16″ x 300′ or 600′ white rolls are standard for 12″ slings.
– 18″ x 300′ or 600′ white rolls are made for slings with rub-rail pads.
– 36″ x 600′ 8 mil white Yacht Sling-Shield is used on Mega Yacht Mobile 300 ton boat lift slings and larger.
– 1 1/2″ x 108′ Poly Vinyl Tape is used to hold the Sling-Shield to the sling to prevent it from slipping down the sling during usage. This tape will hold even when wet. Other tapes like duct tape or masking tape will not stay in place once submerged in water.
All Sling-Shield products are made in the USA & come with UVI protection.

Dr. on the Map – March Travel
Trucking & Transportation Industry

This month the Dr. is highlighting products and services as it relates to the Trucking and Transportation Industry. Manufacturers generate a range of diverse products that come in all types of different shapes and sizes. For those producing large machinery, they face the challenge of properly storing and transporting the product without inflicting damage. Dr. Shrink has the largest selection of shrink wrap from 12′ to 60′ wide in various lengths and mil thicknesses. Complete weather protection during transportation and ventilation options to help eliminate mold and mildew from forming if the delivered item will need to be stored upon arrival. Sun degradation warranty for 18 months in any climate!
Manufacturers want their products looking pristine and functioning correctly upon delivery. With all the hazards that come with the shipping process, shrink wrap minimizes the possibility of damage more effectively than other methods such as tarps. Protecting your good through shrink wrap is an investment. Protecting your product is protecting your reputation and business.
If you have any questions about applications, please feel free to give us a call at 800.968.5147 or email us. We’re always here to help.

Training & Tips – Full Encapsulation

This month we highlight the process of shrink wrapping a piece of equipment for full encapsulation. Click here to see the video.

March Steals, Deals & Discounts
Latest Closeout Specials – Once They’re Gone, They’re Gone
Quote of the Month

– “Making online order very easy and shipping out orders in a timely manner.” – Rickie H. Des Moines, IA Customer