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Frequently Asked Questions on Shrink Wrap / Dr. Shrink, Inc.

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Your Frequently Asked Questions – Answered!

Dr. Shrink is proud to offer you world class customer service. Our highly experienced staff are ready to field any questions you can throw at them in the many industries of shrink wrap. Below are a few common questions we receive as people are learning about shrink wrap and becoming familiar with the process. Do you have questions? Ask us here and we will be in touch immediately!

What color shrink wrap should I use? Is there a difference?

Dr. Shrink’s premium shrink wrap comes in blue, white and clear.
– Blue absorbs sunlight allowing ice & snow to fall off of the cover easier during the winter. Used for winter storage and not recommended to be used at a transportation cover.
– White reflects sunlight and harmful UV rays. Best used for transportation covers and general outside storage. White shrink wrap is also the color of choice for work enclosures and scaffolding. It provides shadow-free lighting and good color rendition.
– Clear shrink wrap is commonly used for greenhouses and non-storage applications
Know the color you need, but not the recommended mil thickness? Click here.

Can the heat from the heat tool cause damage?

We must first mention the propane fired heat tools used in shrink wrapping must be used in accordance with the directions in the training DVD. Always remember safety first! The heat from the tool is swept over the cover, almost like spray painting, and is never left on one spot long enough to damage vinyl graphics, paint, gel coat, etc. In fact, the shrink wrap will become thin and holes will form before enough heat is transferred to damage the boat or object. If the shrink wrap should get a burn hole, and it appears the wrap is stuck to the boat, allow the wrap to cool and it will come loose by itself.

How do I repair tear/melt holes in the cover?

It is very easy to repair any holes that are made on a shrink wrap cover. If it is a small hole, a piece of our Heat Shrink Tape will fix it quickly. If it is a larger hole, a scrap of shrink wrap approximately 3″ larger than the hole may be taped on the original cover and lightly shrunk.

Are you more of a hands-on learner? Consider our SWU training class.

Learn from the best– learn from the source! Dr. Shrink prides itself on providing world class customer service, professional training, and installation advice.
ShrinkWrap University (SWU) is a one-day training course designed to give you all the information you need to shrink wrap anything. The morning consists of presentations in a classroom setting (product information, safety and techniques, industry applications and profit margins, as well as marketing services).  After presentations, we will head back to the warehouse where you will gain an enormous amount of hands-on training and advice.  You will leave here very comfortable and with the propane fired heat tool and the shrink wrapping process.
Keep the questions coming! We want you to be the best in the business. Feel free to e-mail your questions directly here, or call us anytime at 1-800-968-5147.