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Dr. Shrink's Resource Guides & Charts

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Dr. Shrink has been working hard to make it a breeze for anyone to shrink wrap. From our training videos to our resource guides and charts, we want to make sure that we give you all of the information and techniques that you would need to do any job.
For Marine and Recreation applications, we typically recommend a 6 or 7-mil material. The 6-mil is our thinnest shrink wrap and is used for smaller items such as boats, shed frames, pallets and machinery that will be stored rather than transported. Our 7-mil material is the standard thickness for shrink wrapping boats in snow load areas, light construction jobs, and medium sized machinery.
Questions on what size shrink wrap, what color or what mil thickness to use? Visit our designated website page here or call us at 800-968-5147. Please contact us for any installation questions or training assistance.

Tips for the Ultimate Shrink Wrap Job

This handy guide has all of the information you need to shrink wrap a recreational boat, a sailboat mast down or mast up, as well as film sizes and venting, how to properly install our DS-683 Weather-Tight Vent and how to properly use the strapping and buckles. Click here to see the entire guide.
The Dr. has you covered with a growing library of how-to videos. We cover a wide variety of shrink wrap applications from recreational boat wrapping, full encapsulations, RV campers, patio furniture and sail boats with the mast up! Access the how-to videos on the training section of our website or our YouTube Channel.

Boat Size/Venting Chart

All shrink wrap covers should be ventilated to eliminate moisture, condensation, and mildew during the winter storage season. The number of vents needed to give a boat cross-flow ventilation will depend on the size and shape of the vessel. Remember – it is better to over ventilate the cover with additional vents rather than not installing enough. This chart helps you figure out how many vents we recommend for the a variety of boat sizes. Click here to see the chart.

Moisture Inhibiting Chart

Our Moisture Inhibiting Chart helps you narrow down which product will best suit your need depending on how big of an object you need to protect. In an area that is very humid or if you have an object that is prone to moisture buildup, you may want to look into using some of our mildew and moisture control products for added protection. Click here to see the chart.

How to Shrink Wrap a Boat

This quick how-to video shows you how to shrink wrap your boat for storage with step-by-step instructions.
Dr. Shrink supplies premium, 100% virgin resin shrink wrap in widths of 12 to 60 feet in a variety of lengths and mil thicknesses. Dr. Shrink also supplies a complete line of installation accessories – everything you need to complete your shrink wrap job from start to finish.
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