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Dr. Shrink Pumpkin Carving Contest!

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Halloween is right around the corner, so let’s have a little fun! Dr. Shrink is having a pumpkin carving contest! The theme? All things Dr. Shrink.
All you have to do is carve your pumpkin with out logo, a heat tool, vent, roll of tape, etc. – anything you can think of when it comes to Dr. Shrink. Once you’ve carved your pumpkin, take a picture and post it to our Facebook page.
On Thursday, October 27th a winner will be chosen. The lucky winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.
Get out there and carve away! Good luck! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Manistee Celebrates ‘Paint the Town Pink’ Today!
Our local town is celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness by having their 9th annual Paint the Town Pink today. All donations stay local to benefit women’s services  at West Shore Medical Center.
The Gathering starts at 4pm, Ceremony at 4:45pm and walk at 5pm. If you’re local and can make it, come out and support a great cause!
To help spread the word, Mike and Bart from Dr. Shrink, Inc. shrink wrapped the ‘Survivor’s Rock’ – a rock dedicated to all of the survivors. We welcome all survivors to sign the shrink wrap. The ceremony is located downtown by the water fountain, so it’s definitely an eye catcher with Dr. Shrink’s Pink Shrink Wrap.
Our pink shrink wrap is available in 14′ x 128′ 8mil or 17′ x 110′ 8mil.

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October Newsletter 2016 // Dr. Shrink, Inc.

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“Dr. Shrink has been busy traveling all over the world and you can tell that fall season is officially in full swing. Don’t forget to take care of all those summer fun toys – your pontoons, jet skis, patio/lawn furniture, grills, etc. – get them wrapped and protected against the harsh elements that are coming. As always, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send me an email with any questions or comments. Keep a watch for our Halloween “Tricks & Treats” promotion that we’ll be running this month as well. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!
– Mike Stenberg
President & CEO, Dr. Shrink, Inc.

Quick Refresher on How-to Shrink Wrap a Boat

Would you be able to correctly label the products pictured here in the shrink wrap process? Are you currently using all of these products and installing them properly when you shrink wrap boats for storage? It’s time for a quick refresher course from the professionals at Dr. Shrink!
Below is a quick refresher training video on how-to shrink wrap a boat. This quick 8-minute video shows you how to wrap a boat for storage with a support structure. Dr. Shrink, Inc. supplies premium, 100% virgin resin shrink wrap in widths of 12′ to 60′ in a variety of lengths and mil-thicknesses. 6 and 7-mil shrink wrap is recommended for boat storage. Dr. Shrink also supplies a complete line of installation accessories — everything you need to complete your shrink wrap job from start to finish.

How-To Shrink Wrap a Boat

Visit our YouTube channel and How To Videos & PDFs section on our website for all the tips, tricks and helpful tools you’ll need. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime at 800.968.5147 or email us.

1972 Czech Fighter Jet

Shrink wrapped 1972 Fighter Jet by Jason Hebb in Delta, BC, CANADA.
Jason said that he had a collector had asked him to wrap the fighter jet for outdoor storage. It only took him an hour and installed the shrink wrap so that it could still roll on it’s wheels. Great work, Jason!

New Sling-Shield Size Protects Even the Largest of Vessels and Vessel Finishes from Boat Lift Slings

To help protect a boat’s finish from marks caused by boat lift slings during launch and haul-out, international premium shrink wrap supplier, Dr. Shrink, now offers Sling-Shield in three different widths to accommodate all sling sizes. Made with a 6 or 8-mil white polyethylene material, the Sling-Shield has been formulated specifically for use on boat lift slings and fork lift tines.
Made from 100% virgins resins, the Sling-Shield is designed to resist tearing and punctures. Sling-Shield is also easy to keep clean as dirt and grime can just be pressure washed away. This product is simple to install and only requires on person to get the job done. In addition to it’s use on boat lift tines, Sling-Shield is great for protecting sail boat masts during transportation. It’s also helpful as a ventilation tube, when used with a fan to allow airflow into boats during service and manufacture.
Sling-Shield was developed by Euroglass and is available in three widths: 16″ for standard slings, 18″ for sling with rub-rail pads, and now in 36″ wide for covering even the largest of yacht slings (100 ton and larger). All rolls come 600′ long and prices start at $207.00 for a 16″ wide roll. A poly vinyl tape that is used to hold the Sling-Shield to a desired location on a boat lift sling is also offered by Dr. Shrink.

Dr. Shrink’s Installation Accessories

Dr. Shrink has all of the installation accessories you need to make your shrink wrap job easier, faster, and cleaner. Our most popular boat/marine accessories are our Weather-Tight Self-Adhesive Vents, Heat Shrink Tape, End and Bottom Caps, our Professional Film Cutting Knife and Ring Cutter.
Venting is one of the most important parts of wrapping a boat. A properly ventilated cover will allow cross-flow ventilation throughout the cover, minimizing chances of excess moisture and mildew. Our Weather-Tight Self-Adhesive Vents are easy to install using the one-piece pull tab that exposes over 15 square inches of adhesive. They are water resistant and can be installed either horizontally or vertically.
Our Heat Shrink Tape is a 9-mil polyethylene tape that is designed to install doors and seal pleats, seams and holes. It also has a powerful backing that adheres nicely to shrink wrap. Comes in blue, white or clear and a variety of sizes.
The End Caps and Bottom Caps are designed to fit on the top and bottom of 2×4 boards commonly used as support poles under shrink wrap covers. The End Caps have slits every 90° for the woven cord strapping to slide into and when the cover is shrunk, the sections flex downward forming a protective pad on the top to eliminate pole poke-through. Bottom Caps have non-skid discs attached for added stability.
The Professional Film Cutting Knife is used to safely and smoothly cut shrink wrap during installation. No danger of scratching or cutting with it’s hooked end. The Ring Cutter is a convenient strap cutting tool that allows you to keep a blade available throughout the shrink wrap process and cuts woven cord strapping with ease.
Don’t forget when you order – do you have enough: tape, vents, strapping, buckles or zipper access doors? These are our most typical reorder items and can be easily added to any order.

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Last Chance for 10% OFF Shrink Wrap!

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The last day to get 10% OFF shrink wrap is this Thursday, Sept. 15th. If ordering over the phone, you must mention the 10% discount and if ordering online, enter promo code FALL16 at checkout.
Click here to see all of our shrink wrap sizes to fit any job.
*Offer is good on standard wholesale and retail pricing.
*Offer expires on 09/15/16 at 11:59pm EST.
Do you have enough tape, vents, strapping and buckles? Buy all your installation supplies with your shrink wrap order to make things quick, convenient, and easy. We are your single source supplier!
We’re here to help. Check our our 2016/2017 Dr. Shrink Electronic Catalog for everything you need and call us with any questions.

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Early Heat Tool Repair with Dr. Shrink

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get your heat tools fired up
Whether you need a single part, or a complete rebuild kit, Dr. Shrink has the repair parts you need to keep your heat tool in prime working condition. If you are in need of having you heat tool repaired, Dr. Shrink has a Heat Tool Technician on staff that can diagnose your heat tool’s problem and get it back up and running. Want to troubleshoot your heat tool issue over the phone and try to fix it yourself? Our Heat Tool Technician can answer all of your questions.
Give us a call today and we can offer suggestions, troubleshooting advice, and recommend new parts that can get your gun repaired. Call us for all your repair needs before the fall shrink wrap season has started!
Need some incentive? Take 10% off all heat tool repair parts until September 1st, 2016.
Heat Tools   EarlyHeatTool
Have you seen in action how all of our products work together when shrink wrapping a recreational boat? Take a look at our quick training video to make sure that you are utilizing our products to create the most professional and secure shrink wrap cover.
Have you received our new catalog in the mail? Call us if you’d like a printed copy – otherwise, click here to be taken to our electronic version. All links are interactive – click on our products to be taken to our website and click on How-To videos to be taken to our YouTube channel. Enjoy more reference charts and resource guides, a new photo gallery, complete product index, and more!
*10% off Repair Parts only valid by phone. MUST mention discount at time of ordering.

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August Newsletter 2016 // Dr. Shrink, Inc.

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It’s Time to Start Preparing for Boat Shrink Wrapping Season!

One of the many benefits of working with Dr. Shrink is we offer one-stop shopping for all your shrink wrap needs – in addition to having everything in stock. What are you waiting for? order everything you need ahead of time (now!) so you can start shrink wrapping earlier, schedule more jobs, and have the time to wrap more boats! Make sure to view our new product catalog below for innovative new products that will help you be a more efficient shrink wrapper this season.
Aren’t sure what you need for the season? We can provide free, custom quotes of the materials we recommend. Give us a call today! Here’s a quick list to get you started:
Clipboard Checklist image


“As the fall shrink wrap season is fast approaching, I want to let you know that we are here to help you in every step of getting your boats, RVs, patio furniture, and outdoor equipment wrapped up for the winter season.  I highly recommend ordering your film and accessories early this year so you can be stocked and ready to go when the calls come in to schedule jobs. Also, now is the time to make sure your heat tools are in proper working condition. We are offering a 10% off early-repair discount on all heat tool parts. Our heat tool technician is also available to troubleshoot any existing problems or issues with your gun. Take advantage of these opportunities! I want to see all of our shrink wrap installers have a successful shrink wrap season. Being a shrink wrap installer myself 20+ years ago, I know how busy and chaotic the season can get; it is imperative that you get organized and prepared ahead of time.
Remember while doing your shrink wrap shopping this season of the Dr. Shrink value you receive with our line of products. Our product line and the American-made quality is what sets Dr. Shrink apart from low cost and low quality products. We stand behind every roll of shrink wrap and accessory that we sell, deliver after-the-sale service, and offer prompt service and delivery. Remember that our American-made product line cannot be matched by any other company in the world!
Keep an eye out for our catalogs as they will be coming within the next week or so.”
-Mike Stenberg
President & CEO, Dr. Shrink, Inc.


Introducing a fresh new look for our 2016/2017 catalog! Featuring new easy-to-reference resource charts and guides, one-click links to access how-to videos (also can be used on your smart phone with a QR code scanner), organized index, and several electronic links that will take you directly to the product listing on our website for easy ordering.
The catalogs are being packaged and mailed this week.  If you don’t receive one in the next week or so and would like one, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Contact us for volume pricing of any items listed in our catalog.
Be sure to check out our new products:
• 14′ x 128′ 8 mil Pink (DS-148128P)
• 17′ x 110′ 8 mil Pink (DS-178110P)
• ProGARDO Corrpack Capsules (DS-PROCAP)
• ProGARDO CargoPack 300 (DS-PROCDRI)
• Humidity Indicator (DS-HUMIDITYIND)
• Humidity Dial (DS-HUMIDITYDIAL)
• DeBond Adhesive Remover (DS-DEBOND)
• Weather-Tight Filter Vent (DS-683F)
• Filter Vent Add-On Kit for DS-683 (DS-FILTERKIT)
• Shrink Wrap Footage Counter (DS-WRAPCOUNTER)


Get Fired Up – Early Heat Tool Repair with Dr. Shrink
Whether you need a single part, or complete rebuild kit, Dr. Shrink has the repair parts you need to keep your heat tool in prime working condition. If you are in need of having your heat tool repaired, Dr. Shrink Heat Tool Technicians on staff that can diagnose your heat tool’s problem and get it back up and running. Take advantage of 10% off all repair parts until September 1, 2016.
Heat Tools WrapItNow
Check out our Wrap-It-Now Series for a quick refresher course on how to wrap your recreational boat for storage as well as how-to shrink wrap equipment (for full encapsulation) and how-to shrink wrap patio furniture.


The Dr. Shrink, Inc. Shrink Walkers took part in the local Relay for Life here in Manistee this past weekend. It was a beautiful weekend full of sun, fun and walking for a great cause.
To keep track of just how many miles each participant walked, necklaces were available for purchase and for every lap, participants received one bead. Every 7 beads was the equivalent of one mile. Once walkers hit 5 miles, 10 miles and 20 miles, they had the option to sign a board to show how many people have walked that far. There were special laps to recognize local police departments and fire departments as well as a lap to honor all of the survivors.
Dr. Shrink had a Bra Pong board (shrink wrapped in our new PINK shrink wrap, of course) to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness where kids and adults could stand at a line and toss ping pong balls into the bra cups for different points to get a prize. Dr. Shrink also sold homemade packets and jars of Taco Seasoning, Steak Seasoning, Rotisserie Chicken Rub and a Ranch Seasoning. The event was a great success and several members of the Dr. Shrink team participated in the event– Mike Stenberg reached the most miles walked on our team at a completion of 20 miles!


We all know that it is crucial to vent shrink wrap covers to allow air into the cover and eliminate moisture and mildew from forming. If you are in an area that is very humid or have an object that is prone to moisture buildup, you may want to look into using some of our mildew and moisture control products for added protection. Our VCI products work excellent when shipping or transporting shrink wrapped equipment or machinery.
We are proud to introduce two new products from ProGARDO:
ProGARDO CargoPack 300 (DS-PROCDRI) – Desiccant bags with special characteristics of 300% + absorption rate and polymer encapsulated. Product protects 90 cubic feet and is sold with a convenient hanger for easy placement.
ProGARDO Corrpack Capsule (DS-PROCAP) – VCI Capsule desgined for long term corrosion protection of closed areas. Each capsule protects 25 cubic feet (1 cubic meter), lasts up to 5 years and is efficient at absorbing chloride or sulfide gases. Has self-adhesive bottom for easy application.
Shop All Moisture Control Products Now
Need VCI Shrink Wrap? The Dr. has you covered.

Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) shrink wrap protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and will not harm glass, plastic, or other parts of assemblies.

  • Excellent protection during shipping and storage
  • Non-toxic & recyclable
  • Versatile defense against corrosion damage on ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Can protect metals for up to two years if properly packaged and stored
  • Available in 20′ x 100′ white 6 or 7-mil, or 32′ x 100′ 8-mil gray

Shop All VCI Shrink Wrap Now
Dr. Shrink’s New Shrink Wrap Footage Counter
Leave the guesswork out of determining material available on your rolls with Dr. Shrink’s new Shrink Wrap Footage Counter. The Footage Counter measures material pulled from the roll in feet/inches so you can keep track of how much material is left (within a 5% variance). It can also be used to easily measure precut sheets of shrink wrap.
Designed with commercial grade materials, this quality counter has a stable mounting base, measuring wheel, and features a clear display window to easily view the measurement. The counter easily attaches to most film carriers and carts and will work on all film types and sizes.


To Become the Best – You Must Learn From the Best.
Dr. Shrink wants to help you in every step of making your shrink wrap business successful. Join us for on of our quarterly training courses on Thursday, August 18th to get some hands on training along with shrink wrap tips, tricks and advice. Click here to find out more information. Remember, space is limited, so sign up today to reserve your spot!

August Steal of the Month – Dr. Shrink’s Super Cap

For the month of August, take advantage of our special pricing on our Dr. Shrink Super Cap – only $2.69/each!
The Super Cap is designed to transfer the weight of snow, ice, and rain from the top of 2″ x 4″ support poles used under shrink wrap storage covers. Dome shaped and 20″ in diameter, the Super Cap rests on the woven cord strapping running both lengthwise and crosswise, thus minimizing support poles from poking through shrink wrap covers.
You can take advantage of this promotion on our website and over the phone (must mention Steal of the Month when placing phone orders).

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July Newsletter 2016 // Dr. Shrink, Inc.

We’re Shrinkin’ It Down For You! Click here for our July Newsletter filled with all sorts of good stuff!
– Go PINK with Dr. Shrink: Introducing our 2 new sizes of Pink Shrink Wrap
– Our Dr. Shrink Garden
– Dr. Shrink Enters Local 4th of July Parade with Pink Shrink Wrapped School Bus
– Need a reinforced, non-tearing material? Try our DuraSkrim®
– All American Pet Photo Day
– Calling All Shrink Wrap Installers!
– Safety Tips and Tricks Recap from June – National Safety Month

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Dr. Shrink, Inc. Introduces New Pink Shrink Wrap to Product Line While Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer Research

Dr. Shrink, Inc. recently introduced a new color of shrink wrap to their product line; their new bright pink shrink wrap has been featured and displayed at events in Manistee, Michigan (location of Dr. Shrink headquarters) in hopes to support breast cancer awareness as well as a local Relay for Life supporting all cancer awareness and research.

On June 11, Dr. Shrink, Inc. President/CEO, Mike Stenberg and VP of Sales/Marketing, Ryan Polcyn shrink wrapped a new car at a local Ford Dealership; Manistee Ford was putting on their annual “Pink Out” Classic Car Show for the 7th year to gain awareness for breast cancer research. A portion of all used cars sales during the month of June were donated and the proceeds went to the local hospital, West Shore Medical Center’s commitment to the early detection of breast cancer.

The shrink wrapped car not only stood out in color at the car show, but also turned into a guessing game at the event. Spectators were entered into a raffle by correctly guessing what kind of vehicle was wrapped underneath the pink cover– it was a brand new Ford Fusion, but many guesses were for Ford Focus and Ford Mustang.

Rob Pepera, Sales Manager at Manistee Ford states, “This was our 7th year for the car show and so far we have raised over $15,000 in those 7 years. This year so far we have added about $3,400. For the “Pink Out” car show, the fee was $10 for each car that registered and we had just over 100 cars. We also had raffle tickets for prizes that local businesses donated and a corn-hole game, as well as food and drinks. The “Guess the Car” shrink wrap contest was very popular. The shrink wrapped car turned out to be a featured attraction not just for passersby of the dealership on the busy highway, but inside the event as well as people were drawn to the car and started signing the pink cover. We are planning to keep the car wrapped in pink shrink wrap until the end of June; it has gained a lot of attention in our lot and we hope to raise more money for breast cancer research.”

Dr. Shrink also shrink wrapped and decorated the company bus in the new pink material which was driven in the local 4th of July parade. Dr. Shrink staff and other volunteer parade walkers handed out information on the local Relay for Life while the bus was decorated with slogans such as, “Let’s throw cancer under the bus” and “There is a CAN in cancer because we CAN beat it” in addition to writings of survivor names. Pink is the color of breast cancer awareness, and the company is also proud to support all cancer research by partaking in Relay for Life of Manistee County at the end of July. Dr. Shrink has registered a team in the event, The Shrink Walkers, and will be walking for 24 hours.

Dr. Shrink, Inc. stocks pink shrink wrap in two sizes—14’ x 128’ and 17’ x 110’ both in 8-mil material. Dr. Shrink, Inc. is a full-service, full-circle supplier of premium shrink wrap and all installation supplies and accessories. In addition to shrink wrap in sizes up to 60′ wide, it also offers heat tools, adhesives, zipper access doors and venting.

Contact Dr. Shrink, 315 Washington St., Manistee, MI 49660. 800-968-5147; Fax: 231-723-9586.;
Click here to watch this short video displaying Dr. Shrink’s new Pink Shrink Wrap!
To see more photos of the parade and car show, view Dr. Shrink’s Facebook photo album.
bus collage FullSizeRender (6)

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"Pink Out" Classic Car Show – Breast Cancer Awareness

A couple weeks ago, Mike and Ryan were hard at work shrink wrapping a car for our local Ford Dealership who had their annual “Pink Out” Classic Car Show. A portion of the used car sales were donated and the proceeds went to the local hospital, West Shore Medical Center’s commitment to the early detection of breast cancer. They wrapped the car for a guessing game to see if anyone could guess what kind of vehicle it was. It was a brand new Ford Fusion, but they had a lot of guesses for the Ford Focus and the Ford Mustang.

We talked with Rob Pepera from Manistee Ford and he said, “This is our 7th year for the car show and so far we’ve raised over $15,000 and we’ve added about $3,400 more this year. It was $10 for every car to be in the show and we had just over 100 cars. It was a great turn out. We had raffle tickets for prizes that local businesses donated and a corn hole game set up as well as food and drinks. The shrink wrapped car turned out to be a featured attraction once people started signing it. We’re planning on keeping it wrapped until the end of June and hope to raise some more money for a great cause.”

We have two sizes of our pink shrink wrap available – 14′ x 128′ 8mil and 17′ x 110′ 8mil. Just imagine all the things that you can wrap that will grab the attention of people with this bright, show-stopping pink!


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June Newsletter 2016

In this month’s newsletter: June is National Safety Month, so we have some tips to keep you safe while shrink wrapping, Perfection in Protection-Becoming a Dr. Shrink Graduate, learn how to achieve “Perfection in Protection” from the best shrink wrap teachers in the world, Father’s Day DIY Bundle Deal, Extreme Shrink Wrap Covering the World, Recycling Run 2016 Mailers, New Sizes of our Viking Cylinders® Propane tanks, and much more!
Click here to see our June Newsletter!