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Boat Size & Venting Chart Cheat Sheet

“How many vents should I use?”
“What size of shrink wrap should I use?”
– “the Dr.+ has you covered!”

It is imperative that every shrink wrap cover be properly ventilated to eliminate moisture, mildew, and condensation from forming under the cover.  The number of vents to use will vary according to the boat size. Use our Boat Size & Venting Chart as your reference tool for properly ventilating your covers.  This guide can also be used to help you gauge which size shrink wrap to use on common boat sizes.

Dr. Shrink’s popular DS-683 Weather-Tight vents are self-adhesive and easily applied after the cover is shrunk. These vents can be applied horizontally or vertically, and have a raised interior lip to eliminate water from getting inside.  A minimum would be 4 vents for runabouts and 8+ vents for boats 34 feet and above. Cabins and seat cushions may also be left open to help stimulate ventilation.